Several years ago I had the horrific misfortune of being scammed.  I wrote about this experience and published it to all of my social media platforms in addition to sending it out to everyone I knew. I didn’t want anyone to go through what I did.  Many people has experienced this same scam all over the country and have been interviewed on news programs and for news articles. I have been asked to talk about it in an interview but chose not to relive it. As I said on the podcast, if you want to know more about how I was scammed, email me at Nancy@nancyhugo.com and I will send you a copy of my story.

So why am I doing a podcast about the scams of 2024 on Home Design Chat with Nancy. Of course, it has nothing to do with design, but I feel it is so important to be aware of the scams that unsuspecting people get caught up in. It could happen to anyone.

My guest, Chris Diamond, is my web specialist and has helped be with some “mini” scams that I fell into when I was not careful. We will talk about 11 different scams that have caused victims to lose money.

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