dddindexThere is a lot of buzz surrounding the concept of connected smart devices –also known as the “Internet of Things.”

But what is this concept –and why is it gaining ground?

The Internet of Things (IoT), at its core, is about physical objects –that are communications enabled. These devices are “smart” because they are fitted with a sensor and a semiconductor or microcontroller that allows them to monitor the status of something –and pass data back to the cloud.

In some cases, smart devices simply monitor, and send the feedback to the users’ smartphone, enabling them to make decisions based on the information. In other cases, the information that the device obtains allows it to make its own decisions –like what you see with smart irrigation systems that are able to irrigate with a precise amount of water –based on current weather settings, or the Nest thermostat –that can adjust room temperature based on room occupancy.

The connectivity of everyday items with the internet has the potential to significantly enhance our lives. Thereis no question that as high-speed internet becomes even more widely available and affordable, and as the cost of connecting devices decreases, we’ll continue to see the IoT explode in popularity. Dozens of new gadgets are already flooding the marketplace. From smart air monitors, to fitness trackers, and personal digital assistants, to smart, connected lighting, there’s no shortage of great new pieces of tech that are smart, and connected.

Let’s look at a few smart devices that are available today.

Withings home monitoring

Withings: Home Monitoring

Amazon Echo: Wireless Speaker/Assistant
Amazon’s Echo is a multi-tasking device, that’s essentially a personal assistant, day planner, and wireless speaker in one. This device is always on, ready to respond when you ask for music, news, information, and more. Echo’s “brain” is in the clouds, so it’s able to continually learn more and improve over time. It also stays updated automatically, thanks to the fact that it’s always connected.

Awair Air Monitor: Smart Air Monitor
The Awair Air Monitor is designed to help you maintain the best quality of air possible in your home. When the air monitor senses toxic chemicals or fine dust which can cause allergies or asthma flair ups, it alerts you and lets you know what’s causing the problem. This monitor also works together with other smart devices, like the thermostat and air conditioner, to keep the temperature ideal –automatically.

LIFX: Connected Lighting
Efficient, versatile light bulbs that are designed to adapt based on your preferences, Wi-Fi LED smart LIFX Light Bulbs are able to connect to your other devices, enabling you to customize and control them from wherever you are. These light bulbs also work together the Nest thermostat, which means that when the thermostat is set to “away” your lights will turn on and off to give the appearance of someone being home. This symbiotic relationship between LIFX and Nest also means that if there’s danger –like smoke in the kitchen while you’re in another room, the lights will flash red to warn you of trouble.

Fitbit Surge: Fitness Tracker
The Fitbit Surge is the ultimate super workout watch. It monitors your heart rate and your daily activity, keeping you on track and healthy. It also connects with your smartphone and computer to help you monitor your progress from wherever you are. The built-in GPS helps you to stay on track while you train, and allows you to review routes and your time.

Mr. Coffee: Smart Coffee Maker
The smart Mr. Coffee allows you to schedule, monitor, and brew your coffee from wherever you are. The app allows you to set up a week’s worth of coffee brews ahead of time so you never have to wonder if the coffee is going to be on when you wake up. Get smart, fresh, and hot coffee –every morning.

Withings: Home Monitoring
Withings home monitoring system is a smart camera that serves as a Wi-Fi monitoring system, allowing you to connect with your home anywhere, day and night –and view an HD video feed with minimal lags. This system allows you to capture special moments in the home, and also serves as a security system, and air quality monitoring system.

The popularity of the IoT is only expected to grow. Analyst firm Gartner estimates that by 2020, there will be more than 25 billion connected devices. Whether or not we reach that level of connectivity, it will certainly be fascinating to see what the future holds.

What are your thoughts? Which smart devices do you hope to see in the near future?

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