Floor and wall tile have been the rage for the last 15 years, but before you chose your tile, listen to Gil Olachea, owner of Ceramica in Scottsdale, AZ,  chat with Nancy about good tile vs. bad tile, and more.   

1. A brief history
       uses of clay (terra cotta, mosaics) tile date to ancient Egyptian times

2. Size trends
       applicable to ‘field’ tile not mosaics
       24″ was ever popular & predominant just 5-6 years ago
       24″ x 48″ and greater sizes are, now, ubiquitous

3. What is “Subway” tile
        “I want that tile I see in the subway”!
        Any rectangle tile can be considered “subway”

4.What materials are used to produce tile
        stone, porcelain, glass, metals, wood, coconut, leather
        porcelain technology so excellent, it emulates stone

5. Choosing a tile…
        do some research, price-points, desired quality, uniqueness, value or…
        seek a true professional to assist
        set a budget
        know the application

6. Applications vs. choosing material-types
        where to use tile; typically, in baths, kitchens, powder
        consideration in choosing material types
        back-splashes in active kitchens

7. Installation
        DIY vs. hiring
        good vs. bad tile installers; handyman vs. craftsman; knowledge vs experience
        thin-set, grout; ‘Big Box’ vs pro-grade

8.”Framing” the wall
        trim, moldings, borders

9. Maintenance
        cleaning stone products do not use popular glass cleaner-type solutions; pH-neutral
        seal ALL stone & natural material produced tile products



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October 9, 2020

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