man looking at papers with cut outs from wife getting couponsMy name is Nancy and I am a coupon clipper.  That’s right!   I save coupons, not many, but a few here and there.  I have to admit that I was addicted to coupon clipping many years ago when my kids were small.  I had so many that I had to keep them in a handy, dandy file envelope organized by category.  My son once asked why I changed cereal brands, but then commented, “oh, Mom must have had a coupon for this!”  Of course, I did.  The savings definitely add up!

Several years ago some of the stores offered an easy way to save on my purchases and not have to spend time with coupons.  So I signed up for this plastic card with a bar code that could be put on a keychain.  What a great idea and no coupon clipping.  Just scan and save! If someone didn’t sign up, they could use the card of the person in front or behind them on the grocery line.  It’s a win, win for everyone.

Hold on there, cowboy!  Not so fast.  Now these same stores are sending coupons in snail mail, having special online sites for coupons and publishing them in the newspapers and booklets. 

So what was this big campaign to not have to clip coupons all about?  It was a big, fat joke!  Actually it was an underhanded way to track information about their customers.  Not only do all the store owners know when we shop, how long we take to shop, but they know exactly what we purchase and how many times per month.  Don’t think you’re going to sneak a big chocolate bar or a bag of chips into your shopping cart without someone knowing.  Our lives have become an open book available to “big brother,” whoever that might be.

Do I still clip coupons you ask?  Yes!  But, I just can’t quit cold turkey . . . I’m on step #10.