nancyI recently heard some commercials for a local loan company encouraging people to take a $4,000 loan out to spend on Christmas presents. And the hook is that the interest can be paid next year. Think about that! Going into debt to buy “stuff!” A few weeks after Christmas the kids will be tired of the toys, or maybe break them. If the kids are older, their techy equipment will be out-dated, and guess what? The money + interest will still have to be paid back.

Remember several years ago when we were inundated with those commercials telling homeowners to take out home equity loans and use the money to buy a car, go on vacation or just blow it on big people toys? We all know what happened! The money + interest had to be paid back. So, many people lost their homes because they didn’t think past the purchase, and didn’t read the small print.

We could say shame on those loan companies for trying to entice people to go into debt, but shame on those morons who think it’s more important to own stuff. How many times do these people have to hold their hands over the fire before they learn that fire burns?

During this holiday season, and all year long, the best gifts are the ones you don’t wrap. Being kind and considerate to each other, helping those who have less than you and spending time with family and friends . . . that’s what it’s all about!
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