qMarble-Systems-Champagne-Line-Textured-1024x724Texture is the hot color trend in natural stone, and designers are making them a part of their personal design signature. Fabricators are expanding options and selections in stone through new tooling processes that enhance, deepen, add gloss/shimmer and matify the surfaces of natural stone. The newest textures are ideal for:

• clients who want something their friends and neighbors don’t have
• outdoor kitchens which are exposed to the elements
• adding subtle contrast to highlight and accentuate any area of the home or commercial spac;
• providing a seamless transition indoors and out
• adding esthetic value while increasing slip resistance and maintaining aesthetic value

When choosing a surface for floors, walls, and countertops, you probably already consider the classic look, durability and practicality of natural stone. The techniques employed to add texture to a stone will set off the inherent variation in color, tone, and markings, in much the same way that “cut” can set off a diamond. Look for texture to add patina, subtle elegance and color enhancement as well as to put your next design project on trend:


Honed:   Porous, slightly rough texture with matte appearance

Polished:   Glossy, moisture resistant with color brilliance

Flamed:   Highly textured with unique color due to the fired explosion of natural crystals in the stone when flamed

Tumbled:   Weathered, worn and considered classic

Sandblasted:   Textured with high points having a slightly glossy finish

Antiqued:   Weathered, aged finish using a combination of techniques including tumbling, acid wash and brushing

Bush hammered:    Highly pitted texture with even grazing

Sawn:    Hand-hewn quality can be combined with additional techniques to create a unique machined appearance

Leathered:    A suede look and feel that is smooth yet slip resistant

Chiseled:   Fine grooves simulate the look of linen texture (sometimes called chenille)


Define one area from another in an open floor plan.
In indoor/outdoor transitions to create a seamless appearance while providing for aesthetic and practical necessities for outdoor room.
In bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms to maintain a cohesive appearance while providing some additional slip resistance and increased ability to mask daily spills and foot traffic.

Previously you probably specified stacked stone, pebbles, listelle and other stone products. Re-imagine those same spaces with chenille, leathered or flamed stone. Did I just hear you say “update”?
Mix textures of stone to create custom “wallpaper”

Outdoors, textured stone will maintain a clean looking surface longer than virtually any smooth finish.
In kitchens, textures are a forward-thinking alternative to mixing different materials.
Textures might add glamour, sophistication and subtle elegance to your guest bath or powder room .


Many designers have a signature look. How are you going to integrate these new stone textures into your signature?
1. Pull together a sampling of your “go to” colors, fabric textures, inspiration sources, and photos of your favorite projects.
2. Bring these selections to your favorite stone and tile distributor.
3. Identify 8-12 stone options that will enhance the palette and signature looks you have brought with you.
4. Ask for samples of these materials to retain in your own library.
5. Incorporate textured stone into a current project.

Robin PhillipsRobin Phillips is a South East Valley designer whose favorite design element is “juxtaposition”! Yes, she is aware that this is not an actual design element, however, she grew up in a 200 year old house in the 60’s and 70’s, and mixing styles was a necessity. Robin loves to take something that no longer works and reshape, restore, and rejuvenate it so that it becomes a family favorite. She is the 2015 Vice President of Membership for IFDA, so look for her at upcoming events featured on Designer’s Circle. She’s always happy to meet new people and will introduce you to other members of the design community.Robin can be contacted by email or phone: AZhomestyle@msn.com and (480) 694-0335