Nancys avatarI mentioned many months ago that I had finally entered the world of texting because my stupid phone fried and I thought getting a smart phone would be a good choice. I checked out who accepts texts and started right up texting away. Don’t think I prefer texting over talking. No way! Hey, I’m from New York. We talk to get our point across, but I do have to admit that texting has its place.

Here are a few hints when you are on the fence about texting vs. talking:

1. Is your message going to be as long as the preamble or just a few words? Text if it’s short, call if it’s long.

2. If the person you want to text does not have it set up, or has an expensive plan (OMG, they should change that) then you should call. Even if they don’t have texting, they may get charged if you text them.

3. If you are communicating for business, remember that your message might be misinterpreted if you text. Body language is so important when communicating. If it’s not possible to be face to face, calling would be better.

4. Unless you have “trained” your friends or business associates to respond quickly, and you need an answer fast, then call. You have a better chance of instant information if you call, not text.

5. No one likes to get a call at 5am or after 10pm. Unless it’s life or death, text and wait for an answer.

6. If you are driving, don’t even think about texting, so call with caution and make it short.

7. If it is business and you are not that familiar with the person, call. Save texting for when you know them better.

8. If you and the other person are very busy, (if they spend much of their work day on the phone for business) text, don’t call. That’s a no brainer.

Oh, by the way, text me when you are in a bad mood and call me when you are happy!

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