The first episode produced via our Telegram channel! (Nancy’s audio sounds better than Dan’s audio, hmmmm)

If you’re using the Telegram messaging platform, you may have heard about their new drop-in-style audio chap feature enabled for channels, so that anyone can create an audio program with guests and text chat and whatnot, with the resulting audio file suitable for posting as a podcast episode! 

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If you are NOT using Telegram, it’s arguably a better option than WhatsApp and it’s definitely (but still arguably) better than plain old Text Messages. This is not a paid endorsement, it’s just the new normal.

Check out Telegram on your mobile device or desktop computer (or even via your web browser) and take part in our live sessions on Sundays at 11am Mountain Time in Phoenix (so it’s always MST). More on that week-by-week, but in the mean time,

Wait, did you hear that Telegram is some sort of spyware? Not really… we can talk about this during a future episode, or you can chime in with your findings! Hint: It’s fine…

Topics today include keeping the house clean, keeping outside clean, listening to your users and customers, bad customer support from Kroger, and whatever else came up. Listen in and find out!

As always, listen to Nancy’s other podcast, Home Design Chat with Nancy, which you can find posted on the homepage (and via Anchor and a few dozen other podcast places) at her website, DesignersCircleHQ.

You can still drop us emails of course, but do consider joining in the discussions via Telegram (we might try some other tools as well, as long as they are available to all, none of this iPhone-only business!)

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