I will admit that I was hooked on the Royals.  William and Kate have such cute kids, but OMG what would happen if they had had ugly babies.  Is that even allowed since they will be King & whatever one of these days?  On second thought, Queen Elizabeth did have an ugly child.  Just as a reference we’ll call him Chuck, who then grew up to find a wife to match, so now they have 2 uglies in the firm.

Yes, I did watch the Harry and Meghan show starting with the wedding.  I am so tired of hearing about every movement they make.  It started with the cost of every piece of clothing she wears, her hairstyles, whether she walked behind the other Royals or next to them, what trips they are taking and so on.  Can you imagine being paid to travel, smile, shake hands, and pose for the camera.  Sounds like such hard work!!

Many of us have experienced those 9 months of pleasure and pain planning for a new baby, but I honestly don’t remember ever holding on to my stomach as much as Megan does.  What’s that all about?  On the other side of reality, I certainly would not have wanted pictures of pregnant me blasted all over the world.  Ah, the price of royalty!

So now the kid is ready to be born . . . or maybe it already happened. Different British tabloids have been featuring stories on what the name will be, the sex, how the kid will be raised, etc. Seems that making up things is become commonplace throughout the world. 

And to think, this baby is not even in line for the throne.  Matter of fact, I think William & Kate’s nanny has a better chance.

I can only wish them congratulations on the birth, whenever it happens, and now let’s get on with more important things, like maybe the new Ben & Jerry flavors.