Have you ever been in a conversation with a group of people where there is one person who has to make everything into a one-upsmanship contest? Typically, they are so busy trying to come up with braggy stories of their own accomplishments, purchases, travels, etc., that they aren’t listening to what other people are saying. They interject with examples and stories about how important and special they are, unfortunately, only in their eyes.

These people are so busy pinning bouquets on themselves, they don’t usually notice the eye rolling from the others in the group. It is definitely difficult to let these braggers know that they are alienating others, not impressing anyone, and being very obnoxious.

These individuals usually have issues (probably bigger and better than everyone else’s) , but they don’t realize their own insecurities. They are seeking attention and want to feel important by upstaging others. Unfortunately, the attention is not the good kind.

So, what to do with these people? Best thing is to agree with them and let them have the spotlight from time to time. Feeding into their conversation creates frustration and resentment. Not everyone is perfect, and in professional circles, it would not be good to criticize publicly. Most people already know who the good, the bad and the ugly are.

So, on that note, smile and just thank God that you don’t live with these people!