It seems to me that everything has it’s good and bad points; it’s all in the way it’s used.  Facebook, for instance, if used as it was intended initially, would be a good source to find lost relatives and friends, share pictures, events, etc.  Instead this social media platform has turned into a vile, mud spewing, name calling site by the users, while willingly giving Facebook their personal information.  Zuckerberg is probably laughing at the users as he counts his billions.

Another site which I personally like, and use all the time is Pinterest.  It started out as a way to organize information by pinning to boards, but, as everything else on the internet, has had many, many changes.  They have added the ability for users to message other users, and since I have thousands of followers, I do get people reaching out with questions. 

Recently I noticed that I was being messaged by men who are looking for relationships.  These idiots seem to have several things in common.  They were from Europe, they were forward in asking questions, and, in my opinion, were all obnoxious losers.

One guy asked how I was, and I answered “fine.”  He then asked where I lived and did I want to be friends.  I told him I wasn’t interested in being his friend and this was not a pen pal or dating service, at which point he got “snarky.”  It was so easy to tell him where to go and then block him.

Yes, I know, it’s called “social” media for a reason, but it should be called “wacko media.”