Do you know what the Internet of Things (IoT) is?  Are you familiar with security technology or are you just interested in the newest entertainment technology? Today Nathan Thomas, director of business development with Artisan systems, will answer all my questions about technology in layman’s terms.  

Internet of things (IoT)

Different items require various apps on your phone to operate each one. This is a great challenge when trying to do simple tasks and having to switch between these various applications.  

Major players in the security industry

Large providers are  trying to capitalize on providing more than just a security system. They will get their foot in the door by offering a free package of basic hardware that doesn’t even meet the needs for basic home security.

What you get with Experience

Make the home, smart and convenient by using one application to control all the various items in the home with ease of operation. The monthly bill is far less costly with the style of providing technology and the customer experience source through the roof.

Ease of Use

Your technology works together in harmony  with one simple app on your phone or tablet to control each of these devices. And, they talk to each other!


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