eritrea491601My experiences with TSA at various airports in the last few years have not been the best. Matter of fact it has been pretty horrible to say the least. Last week I flew out of Sky Harbor with a “pre check” status. I sailed through the x-ray machine with my shoes and had no problem. They didn’t wand me or take my bags apart like they usually do. I must have had the luck of the Irish with me on this trip, and no, I’m not Irish, but I could be!

Like everything else, things are getting smaller and prices are going up. I haven’t been on a plane in the last 2 years that wasn’t totally sold out. I wouldn’t put it past the airlines to reconfigure the seats and get 7 seats across.

Are the seats on planes getting smaller? Or maybe people are just getting bigger! Whatever the reason, I seem to always be sharing my space with the people sitting next to me. It is most annoying when I sit in the middle of 2 linebacker-sized people. I know what it’s like to a sardine.

While I’m on the subject of space, who decided to make those bathrooms mini-size? I have a hard time using the facilities on a plane. I would like to know how the average or larger than average person can even turn around in that space.

The flight attendant was real sweet coming around with crackers and peanuts and drinks and more drinks because this was a very long, boring flight. The more people drink, the more they have to use that tiny potty!  Go figure!

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