Ripple fold drapery in Wool Sateen Ivory

The presence of natural light is a make-or-break factor when considering window treatments for your home. Luckily, There are a  variety of options to welcome light into a space, with style.

With drapery you can reach a compromise between privacy and sunlight. Although the material covers the entire window, it is translucent enough to flood the room with natural light. Layering different types of drapery on one window allows you to modify light levels throughout the day. To create an elegant but modular window, combine two Ripple Fold drapes: a Blackout Ivory Wool Sateen and an unimposing Sheer Elegance White.


Waterfall woven wood shades in Grassweave

Eco-friendly woven wood shades are textural, yet light-permeable. Choosing a loose weave over a tight weave allows more light to pass through into your home. The waterfall style is retractable so that you can stow them away during the day. If you need more privacy or light blockage, add a privacy or blackout liner. Our Grassweave material seen above is a paper/polyester blend that is lightweight yet tactile.

Solar shades come in a range of UV protection levels. A 5% fabric will leave a good portion of your view intact while allowing the passage of light. Choosing a solar shade color such as white or almond will retain the brightness of incoming sunlight to illuminate a room. Solar Shades are handy for absorbing heat, so that your AC bill will stay low.  Eco-Solar fabric is PVC-free, lead-free, and 100% recyclable. To maximize natural light you can roll the shades up to the top of the window and expose all of the glass.


2″ bamboo wood blinds in Wenge

Wood blinds are an elegant solution to natural light problems. During low-light morning hours you can tilt the wood units so that they align parallel to the floor, allowing light to flood the room. If the sun becomes too intense you can tilt the units to that they align perpendicular to the floor, to keep your home cool. Wood blinds can also be raised or lowered as needed.

Tailored pleat drapery can be handcrafted from semi-transparent sheer fabrics to welcome light into a dark room. A white fabric will allow the most light to flood in but you can choose from 38 sheer fabrics for custom drapery. Coupling a translucent drapery with white roller shades allows you to modify light exposure to adapt to different times of day.

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