First Brian Williams and now Bristol Palin. Brian Williams was the subject of my rant last week. Postings about him are rampant on the internet with the big question—how could Brian Williams be smacked on the hand and given a huge amount of money for exaggerating and lying? That’s a good question.

An even better one is “what was Bristol Palin thinking” when she was being paid over $200,000 for launching an abstinence campaign for teenagers after giving birth as an unwed teenage mother at 17. She is presently 24, unmarried and, yep, you guessed it, pregnant for the second time

Isn’t this like the junk-food addict lecturing people to eat healthy? Don’t people realize that the truth will come out and these people will look like idiots?
I am not a follower of Bristol Palin’s blog, (oh, by the way, she has a blog writer – must be nice) but in doing research for this soapbox, I read some of her opinions on her blog. Bad girl, she criticized everyone about everything. The pot calling the kettle black, eh?

Lying and getting caught is one thing. But then many of these morons continue to lie or color the truth even after they get caught. Not to bring up politics, but remember that certain president who said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” As we all know, he lied.

So is there a difference between lying and exaggerating? Is there a difference between being hypocritical and not divulging the truth?

The common denominator, in my opinion, is big money! Do you agree?