Nancys avatarVery often my voice messages sound like a different language from my end of the phone.  Making sure it’s not the volume on my phone being set too low, I listen to some of these messages several times before I can figure out what they are saying, but, unfortunately some of the messages get deleted because I have no clue what is being said.

Since we are all in business, I thought you might use some of these tips for leaving the perfect voice message:

1. Think of what you are going to say BEFORE you say it.  Avoid the ummm’s, uhhhh’s and dead air.  No one has time to listen to that.

2. Say your name first.  I can’t tell you the number of messages that I have listened to trying to figure out if I recognize the voice. Unless you have a distinctive voice like Elvis or Donald Duck, I won’t know who’s leaving the message.

3. Say your phone number right after your name, and don’t rush through it.  Speak slowly and repeat your phone number.  You know your number, but I don’t.

4. Your message should say why you are calling and, if you are requesting information, be precise.  Unless it’s a family member leaving the message “call me,” having a heads-up before the call is returned, saves a lot of time if information needs to be gathered.

5. Be brief.  No one has time to listen to 5 minutes of rambling.

By the way, my phone number is published on all my websites and emails.  Please feel free to call me and leave a message anytime.
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