The short version is that remodeling tends to be more complicated and work-intensive than renovations. Here are some additional details about what’s involved with each:


  • Working within the home’s current layout; no structural changes
  • Updating or repairing current structural components
  • Repairing or replacing cabinetry, light fixtures, hardware, or appliances
  • Cosmetic changes like repainting, putting up or taking down wallpaper, and installing or replacing tile or a backsplash
  • May not need permits


  • Structural changes to the home and/or altered floor plans are involved
  • Projects tend to be more disruptive and take longer
  • Adding rooms, entrances, or exits
  • Taking down walls
  • Changing the layout of the kitchen or bathroom
  • Finishing an attic or basement (especially to make it livable)
  • Will likely need permits by Elizabeth Yuko