Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday which makes today either a Happy Monday if your team won, or a Miserable Monday if your team lost.  No matter what kind of a day it is for you, start your week with a few “hey, remember these?” phrases and smile.

Roll up the window:  Most cars have power windows that come standard, so maybe it’s a habit, but saying “roll up the window” sounds a lot better than “press the up button until the window closes.”

Hold your horses: When horses were the main means of transportation, saying “hold your horses” was basically a command to not go anywhere. Today, it is used to tell someone to have some patience.

Like a broken record:  A vinyl record (you remember those, right?) that was scratched or “broken” would bounce the needle back to a previous spot on the record, causing it to play the same thing over and over. When someone keeps repeating something, we say they are like a broken record.

Hang up the phone: Back when phones had a cord connecting the handset to a base,  the call ended when the handset rested on the base pushing down a button to end the call. And if you were angry at the guy on the other end, you could “slam the phone down” in his ear, but in using a smart phone, you can only push a button which really doesn’t get your point across. Some people throw their phone across the room to get satisfaction.  Not a good idea unless you plan on getting a new phone anyway!

Kodak moment: We now live in a day and age where people take hundreds of pictures every single day of basically every aspect of their lives. Back when people had to pay for film and pay to get pictures developed, they were more thoughtful when snapped the shutter. Pictures were saved for special moments worth remembering. Kodak (who remembers them?) coined the phrase “Kodak moment” as an ad campaign to signify times worth cherishing.

On the flip side: To catch someone “on the flip side” just means you’ll see them later, but this phrase originally started as a way to describe music on the other side of the record.

Nothing to write home about: In the days when phone calls were expensive and computers didn’t exist, people actually wrote letters to their relatives and friends. If something happened that was insignificant, it was not worth writing about.  By the way, cursive is becoming a thing of the past, as is the handwritten letter.   

Jump the shark: Although Happy Days was one of the better shows that has been on television, it started to grasp at straws for plot lines toward the end (as so many shows do), and not all of them were great. In one episode, The Fonz was on water skis and jumped over a shark. It caused one of the biggest collective eye rolls in the century, and the phrase “jump the shark” is now used whenever someone has gotten too ridiculous for words.

Enjoy your week!

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P.S. This information came from a plus a technology-based digital media company focused on delivering positive journalism and being the voice of good in the world.