For anyone in business, or not, the simple fact is that you ARE your business card. Not only do you hand out that little creative card with all your information, but before that transaction happens, you walked into the room where people got the first impression. You are a representative of yourself, your family, and your business. How you look, how you act and what you say gives people an impression, good or bad, and, guess what? You can’t take it back. Once the bell is rung, it’s done.

I learned early on that because I work with the public sector, and know people who know people who know people, etc., it is very important not do those things that are unprofessional. Screaming at stupid drivers is an example of what I haven’t been able to do in a long time, because that stupid driver might be a friend or neighbor of a client who could be my next project.

What is shared on social media is a prime example of how you are perceived by your audience. Badmouthing or criticizing others in your professional circles is, in my opinion, frowned upon and should not be tolerated. If something has to be said, it should be said to that person privately, not on Facebook, Twitter, etc. We are all grown ups, and last time I checked, this is not high school.

Part of being that successful professional is taking pride in how you look, what you do, and what you say.

Remember that bell!