It’s that time again. Every other corner has the Statue of Liberty waving a sign advertising tax preparation. Ok, so it’s not really the Statue of Liberty, but weirdos dressed in the most pathetic costumes constantly moving while flipping a sign every which way. Not that I have interviewed these characters, but I’m assuming they do it for a minimum amount of money; just enough to pay a bill or two.

Most people are normal and conservative, but did you ever notice that as soon as they put on a costume, something out of their ordinary persona, they act like idiots doing stupid stuff? It’s almost like they figure no one will recognize them as their alter ego, so anything goes.

People in the entertainment field have said many times that they are shy, but on stage or in front of a camera they become someone else. They feel comfortable doing whatever the role requires, which many times is out of their comfort zone. But, I have noticed lately that several young entertainers don’t need an excuse to be naked off camera. Or, maybe by sharing these pictures on social media, they feel like it’s all part of the job. Who can figure out what goes on in the minds of nuts?

Of course, there is no excuse for politicians who act stupid while wearing their normal, everyday suit.