A prognostication:  A number of readers will not like the following opinion.  And a number will vehemently, hate it and deem it racist.

I recall a time when reasonable & rational exchanges were expected in debate of alternative perspectives.  Today… I find a great number of people choose emotions, feelings to launch a tirade of a debate.  You cannot argue or debate one’s feelings!

If I do not agree with whatever another’s perspective may be, I’m told that I am racist!

Meriam-Webster’s definition of racism is: a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race; discrimination or prejudice

But, let’s adopt today’s colloquial definition of racism: the systemic oppression of any group to the social, economic, and political advantage of another OR whatever I don’t like about what you say, believe, like, think, support, perceive and so-on.

That implies everything from photo filters on smart phones to a zebra is racist!

And why is it “systemic”?!  That would mean it’s fundamental to a predominant social, economic structure.  Really!?!?  Does THAT define America?  I reject that notion!  And our Constitution decries the same rejection!

I am amazed at the quick nature of a large pool of politicians & civic leaders who use that term more rapidly than “let’s fix that problem”!  These are supposed to be learned in the Constitution & Civics principles.

Natalia Petrzela, a history teacher at the New School in Manhattan, has written a book entitled Fit Nation.  She explains the fitness craze in America has its roots in a desire for white  supremacy. White people decided to increase their fitness long-ago  because, they figured, it would help support having more children and, thus, remain on top!  Really!  Where would a teacher with a Ph.D. obtain such a far-fetched notion?!

To my ears and pink-matter (brain), I believe people make-up this crap with the distinct possibility of their thesis being embraced by the same ’woke’ people who loosely use feelings as an argument for climate change debate!

It’s racist for a program called “Duck Dynasty” to be proffered BUT, “Queens” is off-limits.  It’s not acceptable for (predominantly) white TV channels to exist but those of color are revered like BET, Cine, OWN, Bounce, Univision, Aspire, Afro, Telemundo, and more.  Take a view of this Wendy’s TV commercial and ask yourself if the roles of the ‘teacher’ and class were reversed would it be hypocrisy or racist?  I won’t touch awards programs!

Are you confused as to your racist posture? Here’s a handy gauge to assist.

You are a racist if you:

  • Do not support BLM    
  • Like Darth Vader
  • Are Christian    
  • Are a Constitutionalist
  • Believe in open U.S. borders    
  • Use chopsticks
  • Do/did not accept the COVID-19 shot    
  • Do not accept climate change dogma as presented
  • Reject pronouns    
  • Believe in monotheism
  • Underscore illegal alien amnesty    
  • Enjoyed reading “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”
  • Support immigration caps/limits/conditions    
  • Use Aunt Jemima products
  • Support voter I.D. laws    
  • You are a white person
  • Discount “critical race theory”    
  • Stand for & sing The National Anthem (the ONLY one)
  • Disagree with “cancel culture” 
  • Say “God Bless America”
  • Wishing someone a  “Merry Christmas”
  • Watch FOX news    
  • Shop Sprouts &/or Trader Joe’s
  • Dislike “the View”    
  • Listening to Christmas Carols
  • Referring to Miriam-Webster as a source to define words
  • Learned Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Differential Equations…
  • Think one’s gender is male or female from moment of birth
  • Support student loans should be repaid by the borrower

The great Thomas Sowell (a recently-retired black conservative commentator) once observed that “[t]he word ‘racism’ is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything – and demanding evidence makes you a ‘racist.’”

My position: there’s only one race… The human race.

“What’s the difference between ignorance & apathy?  …I don’t Know & I don’t care!” – Mother Goose & Grimm

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