What if I do this, what could happen. Think consequences before you act.So much good came from Sesame Street, in my opinion.  I used this show as a teaching tool for my children as they were learning to become caring little people in society.  One of the lessons taught was about picturing the consequences of their actions BEFORE they would do something questionable.

A little girl stick figure told the audience about her idea of moving a vase, but then if the vase broke, she could blame her little brother.  She then realized she would get in trouble for breaking the vase and lying.  After thinking about it, she concluded that moving the vase and blaming her brother was not a good idea, so she dropped the idea.

It all comes down to thinking before doing anything that you know is not right.  I can’t let the recent actions of one brainless comedian pass without commenting.  If you follow my soapbox, you had to know this was coming.

I won’t give more publicity to this idiot by mentioning her name, so I’ll just refer to her as a moron.  During her photo shoot of the questionable posting, she said that moving to Mexico might be something she would do after the photo got published.  She obviously knew that this was not a shining moment for her or her career, but she proceeded to do it anyway. 

Then she apologized afterwards and removed the photo from the internet.  Like I have said many, many times, “you can’t unring the bell people.”  Her actions caused her to lose contracts and friends and associates who she thought would side with her.  Of course, a press conference was on the agenda, but here’s my favorite part.  She cried with no tears and said she was the victim in this situation, so to retaliate she would do more inappropriate antics.  She has accomplished getting more publicity than imaginable, but that might have been her intent.

Can we say this moron has less than half a brain?  This reminds me of the guy who robbed a home, tripped over a piece of furniture and sued the homeowner for medical expenses.  Yes, folks, these people are out there procreating. 

This rant does not lean towards any one political party or person, but instead shows that too many people do not take responsibility for their actions.  The phrases “It’s my fault,” and “I am sorry,” said with remorse, do not seem to exist in our society anymore.

Obviously, something was definitely missing in their upbringing. That being said, these people will blame their parents for their self-absorbed behavior.  Tsk-Tsk!