Nancy welcomes back Jan Rutgers, experienced kitchen designer and owner of Vestabul School of Design.  Jan and Nancy chat about the benefits of having a team work together on a remodel project, specifically a kitchen. 

Listen to the step by step points on how to build a team will work together to accomplish your dream kitchen.


Who to hire to get the kitchen of their dreams.

  • Kitchen Designer,
  • the Architect, the
  • Contractor/Builder
  • Interior Designer/Decorator.

Some of the key responsibilities of the Kitchen Designer would be:

  • Developing the final layout for the dream kitchen to ensure function, flow and safety.
  • Choosing the appliance package based on the client’s needs, budget and available space.
  • Ensuring storage requirements for the room are met.
  • Specifying interior accessories for functionality of the cabinet interiors.
  • Developing detailed drawings such as mechanical plans and elevations for the kitchen space.
  • Highlighting for the architect specifications that impact their plans, such as the ventilation pipe size needed for a high preforming pro-styled hood that needs to be hidden in the structure.
  • Consulting with the Interior Designer on material selection (Counter-tops, flooring, cabinet materials, lighting, backsplash etc.) for the kitchen based on specific needs of the client.
  • Checking that specifications of other materials including door & window casings do not conflict with the final design.
  • Overseeing the installation process for all kitchen elements.

Cooperation between Allied Professionals is key to the successful Dream Kitchen.

For more information on building a team, listen to this podcast. 



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February 3, 2021

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