Nancys avatarThe other day while stopped at a traffic light, I got a good look at one of the longer-lasting fashion statements.  A teenage boy was walking very weird because the crotch of his jeans was down by his knees.  He kept grabbing his belt but didn’t make any attempt to pull up his pants.

As I usually do, I went straight to Google to research this fade.  Seems that it started in the prisons when belts were removed from the prisoners’ “wardrobes” to avoid suicides or using the belts as weapons.  Hence, the prison uniform pants would slide down.  Then the rappers started to sing about this in the ‘90s, popularizing the look among their fans and followers. 

Ok, so bell bottoms, Nehru jackets and those ridiculous leather strings people wore around their heads didn’t make the runways during Fashion Week either.  (By the way, bell bottoms are back.)  But I can’t figure out why young boys want their undies to show.  And walking like a duck looks so uncomfortable, especially if they have to climb stairs, ride a bike or run from the cops.  By the way, there young males who are taking this fade over-the-top by eliminating their underwear all together and wearing their pants below their butts.  Not a pretty sight and yes, pictures were available, but this is a G-rated column, LOL!.

Not to slight the girls, I can only be hopeful that wearing thongs “above” the pants has seen its day!  Now that I think about it, it’s all about the underwear! 

Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein are surely raking in the dough.  They have certainly brought underwear to new heights.
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