If you are looking for the unique, custom steel and stone items for your home, you have to listen to Nancy chat with Lane Cook, founder & co-owner of Visionmakers Intl. Here are some of the topics discussed and the questions asked of Lane:

  • Visionmakers seems to offer a lot of varied products. Stone, steel doors, lighting, and other things. How do you describe Visionmakers to a new client?
  • How did Visionmakers get its start? How did you arrive here?
  • You have mentioned that Visionmakers has grown at an incredible pace. As a business owner, what do you feel the keys have been to your growth and success?
  • You have acquired 2 companies in the last couple years, right? Tell us a little about how those have helped you.
  • What architectural style products to you sell, is it mostly old world-European type designs or what?
  • Tell me about your architectural steel doors and entries – These slimline steel doors and windows with thin mullions seem to be all the rage right now. Do you still make the old world iron doors with scrolls or what?
  • What’s the craziest/most unique steel product you’ve ever made?
  • What are the Visionmaker’s limestone and cantera stone products? With the Tuscan look having faded, has your stone business changed much?
  • What’s an interesting stone project you’ve been involved with lately?
  • You have worked also in architectural metals…..what exactly do you mean?
  • Do you work mostly with retails clients or to the trades?

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