Season 5, Episode 17.  Kelli Lamb, editorial director and co-founder of Rue magazine, is Nancy’s guest.  Rue was founded a little more than ten years ago as one of the first digital shelter magazines, with the goal to become your pathway to stylish living, and has been available in stores since Spring, 2021. 

Rue brings the readers well-crafted design, effortless entertaining tips, and the products you need to make it all your own. 

Kelli has now shared her expertise in her new book Home with Rue  where she begins by encouraging readers to ask what a “functional, joyful home” looks like to them and then goes room by room offering pointers on how to add “beauty in your everyday routines.”  Her book gives expert tips and tricks for decorating all areas of the home, from kitchens to entry ways to bathrooms.

Home with Rue goes on sale May 24, 2022, available where books are sold.

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