Just because designers say so, it isn’t necessarily true.  Nancy bantered with Jay Shennum, an independent Kitchen Designer, about the different trends some designers are pushing for 2021.  Do we agree with them?  Listen to find out

Colored stone countertops

  • Colored stone transitioning from  backsplash countertop.
  • Beige travertine stone, classic white, white or pink.

Timeless all-white kitchens

  • Traditional all-white kitchens will still remain popular.
  • Warm, cozy, all-white kitchens 

Statement backsplashes

  • Bold in pattern and color

Kitchen with personality

  • Accessories:  Houseplants, stack of books
  • Floating Shelves

Mixed materials

  • Colors inspired by nature, cabinets clad in metal, and countertops with dramatic veining.
  • Show off mixed metal kitchenware: hang pots from overhead hooks

Art Deco Kitchens

  • Black-finished cabinets and floors
  • Brass and gold accent hardware

Integrated appliances

  • Integrated or hidden kitchen appliances

Nancy’s Notes: These are important elements in creating a bright and airy space.  Plenty of light, finishes that don’t feel heavy and a spacious layout. Make the space your own.

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