Lori Ann Harnish, Independent Ambassador with Boisset Wines, is Nancy’s guest this week.  The subject is wine of course, and as usual, Lori Ann gives great suggestions for pairing wine with holidays foods as well as gift ideas for the season. Hope you enjoy this fun podcast.

We can turn living rooms and board rooms into tasting rooms

  • Appreciation events – share an experience
    • Private in person tastings & Virtual tastings


  • Sparkling Wine Gifts – Variety of sets
    • Example: Jingle Bubbles, LVE Napa Valley Blanc de Blancs
    • Paired with a John Legends Holiday Album CD
  • White Wine Sets- Crisp and Clean, Delicious & Lovely
    • Paired with shelled nuts: almonds, pistachios, cashews
    • Popcorn: flavored
    • Crackers mix
    • Assorted Olives or roasted peppers
    • White cheeses
    • Spicy snacks & Dried fruits
  • Red Wine Sets
    • Meats and cheeses, hearty nuts: walnuts, pecans
    • Assorted Olives or tapenade
    • Soup mixes & Bread mixes
    • Expresso beans
    • Dried fruits: cherries
    • Grocery pantry: jams, jellies, preserves, vinegars, olive oils, marinara, truffle mustards
  • Mixed Wine Sets – Dinner party in a box
    • Combined with a gift certificate for a nice take out meal or delivered meal
  • Magnum Gifts

Holiday Shopping made easy

  • Now is the time to place your orders
  • Make the decision now and have more time later

Personalized gifts

  • Custom labels
    • Choose from a range of different styles, varietals, and price points
    • Hundreds of design options
  • Etched bottles
    • Send a message they can touch and feel
  • Gifts with a mission
    • Wsupporting causes and missions
      • Animal welfare
      • Breast Cancer
      • Social cause
    • Special Occasion Gifts
      • Thoughtful ideas for moments and & milestones
        • Thank you bottles – Toast to You….
        • Raise your glass…..(etched congratulations bottle with 2 crystal wine glasses, packaged

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November 11, 2020

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