Nancy’s guest this week is Les Sturtevant, owner of Designer Dream Kitchen Studio in Scottsdale, AZ.  Les and Nancy discussed these key items to be addressed when planning your kitchen remodel:

Forgetting to plan a realistic Your Budget  – Do this before you tear out your cabinets!

Plan for the Big Picture – To look professional, chose all the finishes for your project before you start.  

Choosing your Appliances First – Your appliances should fit your space, your budget and your lifestyle.

Plumbing is so important – Don’t avoid moving the sink if it is important to a functional design.

Turn the Lights On – Think about your general, ambient and task lighting, add enough outlets for all counter appliances.

Don’t forget the Hood – ventilation is one of the most important appliances in addition to it being part of the aesthetics.

Not Asking an Expert – The kitchen is the most complicated and expensive room in the house to design, so paying for a bit of expert advice at the start of a project can take the stress out of the process and save you money in the long run.


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September 9, 2020

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