It is a well-known fact that driving on Arizona roads can be dangerous and very unsafe.  Running red lights, driving while the influence and road rage are some of the happenings that put Arizona on the list of the top 10 states with the worse drivers.

This week I experienced a car trying to go faster than an ambulance instead of stopping for this emergency vehicle.  I also was the only one to stop for a school bus that had the stop sign out and red flashing lights.  To see cars on both sides of the street (this was 4 lane main street) whiz by the bus was shocking! 

The latest horrific accidents have been caused by wrong-way drivers on city streets, as well as highways. These are definitely the drivers who should not have a license at all.

So, now I have to point out the crazy pedestrians who should know that they are taking a risk being around drivers.

Twice in one week I experienced pedestrians, dressed totally in black, standing in the middle of the road at night.  It was a stroke of luck that I even saw them.  

And, we still see those idiots who cross the street looking down at their phones.  What would they do if someone ran a red light and hit them?  The crosswalk does not protect a pedestrian from a crazy driver.

There are a lot of things that we don’t have any control over, but certainly being awake and aware at all times can save a life.