This is the final part of a 4 part series about what Do-It-Yourselfers should know before they remodel their kitchen. Or, in the case of homeowners working with a contractor,  what every homeowner should know about their project.

To recap:

July 6th– basics on designing a kitchen – appliances, corner designs, sinks, traffic control & cabinets

August 3rd– islands size, function, lighting & materials

Sept 7th– everything about accessible kitchens

In this podcast we reviewed the last 3 parts and answered questions that both Jason and I have been asked by our clients regarding kitchen remodels.

Some of the questions we answered:

  • Do I have to have a vent over my island cooktop
  • If my ceiling height is over 8’, what do I do with the space above the cabinets
  • Should I spend money on expensive appliances if I don’t cook
  • Do all the appliance handles need to match – do all appliances have to be from same manufacturer?
  • When can you start my project?
  • How much will it cost?

Listen to this podcast before you start your remodel!


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