Unless you have been living in a bottle lately, you can’t help but notice all the hoopla over the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death.  There are many reasons why her untimely death is the news of the month.  Yes, her life was a fairy tale that all little girls dream of, but unbeknownst to most of the world at the time, she had a very unhappy, miserable, lonely life.

There are a lot of extenuating facts and circumstances which I won’t go into because you can read everything on the internet if you are interested.  The paparazzi, in my opinion, were the cause of Diana’s early demise. The camera mongrels should have held back and stopped being obnoxious and downright ill-mannered after being told that enough was enough.

On one hand, you have Princess Diana who couldn’t experience a moment’s peace without having disgusting people shoving cameras in her face, literally.  Then you have people who love the attention and actually let the paparazzi know their every move.  Does Kris Jenner come to mind?  She doesn’t miss a photo op . . . always dressed to the nines with the full make up and a grin.  She is always willing, able and ready for publicity.  Do you really think the press just happens to be in the same place she is? Of course not!  She probably has the paparazzi on speed dial. Jenner is an expert at manipulation and a master at managing her empire, but it’s time for her to retire.  Enough is enough!