Styles come and go constantly!  Bell bottoms and crop tops are back and so is wallpaper, terrazzo flooring and floral patterns.  When it comes to remodeling your kitchen and bath, there are certain ideas that builders incorporated into their houses should never be brought back.  

  • Why did builders think putting a desk in a kitchen was a great idea. 
  • Those wet bars from years ago were not functional. 
  • I never saw 2 sinks in the kitchen when I was called in to remodel and update the space.  
  • Bathrooms designed with tubs in the ground and then later put in a deck made it dangerous and impossible to use. 
  • Make-up areas in the master bathroom was a total waste of space.

What’s popular instead of the above ideas?

  • Desks in home offices or closets
  • Wet bars turned in to Beverage centers
  • Multi sinks that are well designed for task areas in the kitchen
  • Bathrooms with free-standing tubs
  • Mirrors with integral LED lighting over the vanities

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