Nancys avatarI wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone know about our Fan Page, which is very convenient to find since it is now part of the tool bar on Designers Circle.  Don’t know what a tool bar is?  The list of sections to the website is called a tool bar.  It may appear in a horizontal bar, vertically stacked or a bunch of buttons anywhere on the home page.

Designers Circle is all about what events are coming up, what new showrooms are opening, what new products  are available, and of course, what I’m complaining about at any given moment. Nowhere did we have a convenient place to put pictures and comments about what “went” on, until now.  The Design Community is all about the visual,  so now you can view the pictures of the trade shows, meetings and events, and most importantly, the Designers Circle Happy Hours. 

On a different note, I can’t let another week go by without commenting on how drivers react to emergency vehicles.  They don’t!  Several times in the past months, I have heard sirens blasting, not knowing what direction they are coming from or headings to, so my thinking is to stop my vehicle and look around for the ambulance, fire engine, police car or whatever.  I certainly don’t want to be in the way but if I can’t pull over, the best action is to come to a safe stop allowing the emergency vehicle maneuver around traffic.

Recently there was a serious accident blocking most of Scottsdale Road.  The traffic heading south had a mile backup, and the police were riding down the center turn lane, trying to get to the accident site.  At least 10 cars were making u-turns to head north, cutting off the police cars.  Brilliant move, huh?  It was a “follow-the-leader” moment, and drivers had one thought in mind, themselves!  Another incident involved a very small car that turned into the path of a huge fire engine.  Of course, the sirens were blasting, but the idiot driver didn’t want to stop for another light. Quick thinking, lady!

Doesn’t Arizona have a law that requires drivers to stop, and if possible pull over when they hear sirens?  Of course, this means that the driver had to have read the book, taken the test and remembered the rules of the road.  I guess that is too much for some people to know, unless of course, they are the ones that are part of the emergency!    

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