Every so often I start to feel like the wicked witch of the west complaining about some such thing that I observe, but hey, someone has to herd the sheep. Speaking of those little wooly creatures, have you noticed the price of gas lately? If you say no, I am going to assume you don’t have a car, and you either walk or ride your bike to work. But for those of us who have been on the gas price roller coaster, what is going on?

I just did some research about the price of oil and found some interesting facts on ABCnews.go.com, posted March 13, 2015:

“The price of oil fell 10 percent this week, approaching its lowest price in six years. Many expect it to fall further in the coming weeks because supplies are rising and the summer driving season is still months away.

The lower crude prices will mean gasoline prices will slide lower in the coming weeks, and many drivers will likely pay under $2 a gallon in the summertime for the first time since 2004.”

I didn’t really want to read past the part that said gas prices will be coming down, especially after how Brian Williams reported the news. No matter what they write, I have this funny feeling that gas prices will definitely not go as low as it was several weeks ago. It was a big tease, and we are being used. They treat us like sheep following the shepherd. Do we have a choice? No! Unless we all purchase vehicles that run on electricity. But, there’s another thing to ponder. The alternative vehicles are so expensive to purchase, that saving the gas money may not fit into the equation, unless, of course, you are on the “road” to save the earth. In that case, price does not matter; the end result does.

At the end of the day, what choices do I have? I would get way too tired riding a bicycle to a client’s home. If I rode a horse, I would have to carry a very large pooper-scooper with me . . . yuck! My car solves the problem of carting samples around, using the air conditioning, not having the wind mess up my hair, and definitely an important reason, keeping the sun off my face.

I’ll stick to using my car, so when you see my white Honda Civic with my license plate “A CKD” at the gas station, just honk.