So this is SubZero Wolf!

The final chapter of my trip started out with dinner at the Chop House Restaurant at the Monona Hilton in Madison.  100+ guest designers, architects, etc converged to mingle and get to know each other.  This was the quintessential beginning of the food marathon.  By the way, this picture was borrowed from the Hilton website because I was so busy talking, I forgot to take a picture.

Capitol Chophouse

I am not going to show pictures of any new products or the SubZero Wolf factory, which were not allowed to be taken anyway, because SubZero Wolf will introduce all their new offerings themselves in the next several months (and years).  For those who have not been to the Westye F. Bakke Training Center, I will walk you through a few rooms of this this amazing facility.

Below is the reception area of the Training Center.  There are Dale Chihuly glass chandeliers hanging in this area.  How did I get Whitney in both pictures?



We seemed to always be meeting and eating in this dining room.  The kitchen, below, had a very contemporary look with Pyrolave countertops, lots of glass mosaic and, of course, lots of SubZero Wolf appliances.  



The last event of the trip was held in the kitchens pictured below..  There was enough food & drink for the entire Russian Army.  I told you we were on on a food marathon.  Everyone at SubZero Wolf was SO accommodating, outgoing and friendly.  The chefs were especially hospitable and willing to do EVERYTHING to make this a memorable trip for everyone.