Nancys avatarIt seems that I have something to say about almost everything.  And, why not?  Keeping quiet is not in my nature.  Let’s not blame it on me being from New York, but it certainly is a good excuse.  Having an opinion, and also having the chutzpa to let everyone know, has given me a plethora of material for my weekly column, “Nancy’s Soapbox.” 

My ranting has become so popular that it was suggested that I do a podcast about my opinions.  I thought this was a good idea, especially since people say they don’t have time to read the 300 word column.  Really?  It takes under 2 minutes to read each rant, but I digress.

The podcast is now a reality.  “Bitchin’ with Nancy & Chris” has just been published on iTunes.  You can download it to your iPod or just listen from your computer or your smartphone by clicking on “download” on the link below.  By the way, I will continue to write on Soapbox every week.

You’re probably wondering, “Who is Chris?”  Chris Diamond is my web guy who makes it all happen, fixing all those technical problems that pop up on all my websites.  Chris also takes the raw recordings of my podcasts, “Kitchen & Bath Design Chat,” works his magic and then publishes them to iTunes, as well as other podcast directories.

Not only is he tech savvy, he also has an opinion on everything.  He is the perfect bitchin’ partner.  We have been letting people know about this podcast concept and have been asked if they could join us on the recordings.  Well, certainly!  The more bitching, the better.  You can email me at if you want to join in  on our podcasts.  We guarantee that you will have lots of fun!

CLICK ON BITCHIN’ WITH NANCY & CHRIS TO LISTEN (this is the link to our podcast)

We may not be able to change the world, but we can certainly bitch about it.

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