indexMost definitely not your everyday garage, luxury garages are in an entire league of their own.

From showroom style garages, complete with elevators, high-end finishes, and flat screens; to garages with movie theaters, or social lofts to make them just that much more social and enjoyable, these garages offer features that make them an escape away from home, and provide the perfect social environment for entertaining friends.

Here are a few new trends in the world of luxury garages. These features truly raise the bar on what should be included standard in a garage. Which options would you include in your garage?

Sitting Rooms, Social Lofts, and Movie Theaters
What better way to showcase your car collection than by designing a room with a view, so to speak. Adding in a comfortable sitting room, complete with high-end luxury features is a great way to create an atmosphere that’s innately social, the perfect environment for entertaining guests. High-end finishes, flat screens, and a fully stocked bar, are sure to keep your guests happy.

Automated Lighting and Sound Equipment
Modern garages are as enjoyable, as they are visually impressive. Automation makes it easy for you to relax and enjoy being in your garage, without having to concern yourself with small issues or hassles that arise. Thanks to automation –you’ll be able to control every aspect of your new garage from the lights, to the sound equipment and flat screens, even the car lift –all from your iPhone or tablet.

Workshops and Welding Stations
For gearheads, there’s no reason you can’t include your own workshop and welding station in your garage. Some luxury garages feature a main level, with an underground workshop. This setup allows you to adjust the lifters or spot weld, without having to worry about oil and grime getting on the other cars, or that new luxury showroom.

Underground Car Storage
It’s like having your own secret chamber in your garage. Underground car storage is a feature that’s making its way into modern luxury garages. This feature is especially nice if you have multiple cars to display, but don’t want to showcase them all at the same time. With underground car storage, you could also incorporate a car elevator that would enable you to easily bring the cars up for viewing or an outing, and then return them just as easily when you’re done.

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers
Finally, when you have a garage this luxurious, you’ll want to ensure that all of the features in your garage are easy to operate –and hassle-free. While garage door openers can be notoriously frustrating, how about a garage door opener that operates exactly as it should –every time? Chamberlain’s range of smartphone garage door openers can incorporate with your smartphone, which means that you can easily operate your garage door from your device –from anywhere. Automated garage door openers allow you to open and close your garage, set times and alarms, or even monitor your door, from your phone. Never have to worry about losing another remote or getting locked out of your garage again.

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your garage, or looking for a complete transformation, at DeMille Global we can help. Our senior consultants will be happy to design a solution that will completely automate every feature in your garage, giving you more time to spend fully enjoying your new setup.

Image: Modern luxury garages include everything from showroom style features, workshops, and even comfortable and social seating areas.  Courtesy:  Ciorra Photography


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