Is Gray still “in”, what is Modern Farmhouse all about and is why are we seeing Artwork as an important accessory?  These questions and more are answered by Nancy’s guest, Sarah Jones, Designer Representative with DunnEdwards on this podcast.  

Talking Points:

  • The great debate, is Gray still “in”
    • Less monochromatic gray color schemes, reverting to nature!
    • Browns, 2022 Color of the Year-Art and Craft
  • From the modern farmhouse to Transitional design
    • Early 2013-2020/2021 we saw the movement that was the modern farmhouse
    • 2022- we are seeing more value in transitional design.
  • Actual Artwork is making its debut, no more quotes on all things!
    • People are now appreciating the value of actual art more than we have seen in the past decade or so
    • The appreciation for a painting, abstract, photograph and tapestry are more relevant

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