My last Happy Hour was outrageous, but as you who have attended my events know, they are all over the top!  I thought I knew everyone, but I actually met “new” people.  This only proves that the chances of building new relationships are bottomless.  My venue, Premier Lighting, has always been known for a successful party offering great food and a beautiful showroom to exhibit their newest lighting fixtures.

So you’re expecting a rant?  Not to disappoint you, I did notice that several people came to my NETWORKING event without business cards.  This is perfectly acceptable if you only popped in to eat and drink.  Actually, this is not acceptable.  If that was your sole purpose, there are great restaurants all over Scottsdale.  If you want to meet new people and build your business, than the most inexpensive way to do that is to attend my monthly Happy Hours and build new relationships.  If you gave your last card out that morning, be prepared to quickly print new, temporary cards on your computer, or write your name and contact information on index cards. 

Your business cards will not work for you if you leave them in the car, unless of course, you are attending a psychic event.  But, as far as I know, people in the design community don’t have the ability to read your mind, so have those business cards with you at all times.  And by the way, business cards with fonts that are too small to read don’t do you much good.  Also, I have seen cards lacking email addresses!  Is your contact information a secret?  Think about it.  If you have taken the time to get business cards, don’t you want them to be used to increase your business? While I’m on the subject of business cards, please, please stay away from business cards that are unusual shapes or  larger than the “common” business card.  Save your creativity for your next project.