nancyA new year always encourages people to make exciting changes in their lives, their businesses and their relationships. Whether it’s joining a Yoga class, cleaning out a closet or two, or just setting up new files for your business, January is the beginning of a new year.

My resolution this year is to spend more time with my husband and cooking dinner at least once a month. To accomplish this, I am going to streamline Designers Circle which will now be sent to you on the first Monday of each month. As you all know, I hope, Designers Circle is a website always available to everyone on the internet. This site can be bookmarked and put on your desktop. You can check it out as often as you like to keep current on all the Events, which will be updated daily, the important Announcements, and the Design Blog written by experts in our design community.

We will continue with our monthly Happy Hours but there will be a $5 admission fee which will go to charity. If you have a Designers Circle Name Tag, your admission is FREE. (to purchase your Name Tag, see Announcements Section)

I will also continue to write Nancy’s Soapbox, which I understand from many of my followers, is a good way to start out the week – New York humor with a kick.

We wish everyone a very happy & prosperous 2016.

See you at the next Happy Hour.