I hesitated to write about Harvey Weinstein because that disgusting excuse for a human being doesn’t need more publicity, but I do have to add my two cents. 

There haven’t been enough stories written about celebrities who prey on innocent, unsuspecting people. I heard about “the casting couch” when I was a teen, and even had a family member who was told she could be a star if she followed the rules.  She walked out the door and never looked back.

Bill Cosby is a perfect example of a sick person who has gotten away with his deplorable actions for years, and is still battling the courts to prove his innocence.  He should have been thrown in jail years ago.

Then we have Jerry Sandusky who has proven that these deranged people aren’t just in the film industry, but in the locker rooms of high schools and colleges.  This guy will rot in jail because finally some justice was served.

Let us not forget about the politicos who use their status to trap young interns, college coeds and anyone who they can impress.  As a side note, why is Bill Clinton still running around free earning millions for giving speeches? 

Kudos to Weinstein’s wife for her compassionate posts to the victims and for leaving that idiot of a husband.  Shame on Mrs. Cosby, Sandusky and Clinton for standing by their despicable husbands, living a lie and not admitting the truth.

There are thousands and thousands of women, men and children who have experienced sexual harassment, verbal and physical abuse, molestation, life threats, rape and worse, many right here in our lovely Valley of the Sun. 

The big question is why?  Why do these victims wait so long to report these “events,” for lack of a better word?  Does it come down to “safety in numbers?”  The #me too response on social media has shown what we all knew.  From my perspective, I don’t think there is a woman on earth who can say that #me too doesn’t apply to her. 

Will this ever stop?