When homeowners decide to remodel their kitchen they can get easily overwhelmed by the many choices in cabinets, appliances, etc. because this is not a project most people do often. 

Since many of the same questions are asked of me when I meet potential clients, I thought I would chose 3 areas and explain the difference and benefits of each. 

Today I am going to explain the differences between frame and frameless cabinets and what the pros and cons are, and how they effect your budget.

Countertops is another area that the homeowner should be aware of and know the benefits of the different materials. Quartz and quartzite are becoming very popular in today’s kitchen remodels.  How are these products differ and what you should be aware of when choosing your countertops.

Lastly, one of the most important items in the kitchen is the sink.  Sinks come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials.  Which sink would function in your kitchen is important to know.

Knowing all about the materials for your remodel before you start your project is very important; the decisions should not be left entirely to your contractor.


Viatera Quartz

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