Nancys avatarThe Syrian government used Sarin gas in last month’s chemical attacks that killed more than 1,400 people.  We are still losing our troops to the senseless war in Afghanistan, the unemployment rate remains higher than it should be and thousands of children go to bed hungry.

But let’s get to the “important” stuff that makes the news at the top of the fold every day.  Miley Cyrus seems to make the headlines no matter what she does.  Performing a most inappropriate dance in front of millions at the televised MTV Video Awards broke the all-time tweet record at 306K tweets per minute.  How special is that?   I won’t give her anymore publicity than she already got, but I will say that what she wore and what she did on stage points to her being in need of help.  So where is Billy Ray Cyrus in all this?   When asked about her bazaar behavior, he did say he loved her unconditionally.  Cyrus tweeted a quote from her own father: “‘Mile, if twerkin woulda been invented…. And I had a foam finger…. I woulda done the same thang you did.’”   Sounds brilliant, doesn’t he?

Cyrus is 52 years old and still going around with a name like Billy Ray.  Really?  He probably never grew up so obviously doesn’t have a clue how to raise a child.  I suspect he was too busy singing his only hit– Achy-Breaky thingy!

When will Billy Ray realize that this is her cry for attention?  Was he snoozing when she morphed from sweet, innocent Hannah Montana to a raunchy exhibitionist with nothing else on her mind but sex?   She really belongs in the psych ward with Amanda Bynes, who by the way, I had never heard of until she was acting very bazaar and made the headlines.  But I will give Amanda’s parents a gold star for taking action and having her committed.

I am not going to mention by name, all the crazies in the entertainment field who have a big effect on the young people of today, but I will mention a few that stand out: Kanye West and his vulgar rap songs, Nicki Manaj  constantly  tweeting her naked body, and Justin Bieber making news with sick antics & obnoxious behavior.

I am not saying that these people are not talented, but they seem to go over the top for more attention.  They are on a roller coaster of work, drugs, play, drugs, work, drugs, etc. sometimes leading to  suicide.

These young fans try to emulate the entertainers because it all looks so glamorous.  Do you want your children and grandchildren to idolize these people?  Time for a reality check, people!
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