More than just a grill on your patio, a fully-equipped luxury outdoor kitchen is becoming extremely popular, even in cold weather climates. 

In addition to the traditional grill, homeowners are adding hot new items like pizza ovens, pellet smoker grills and rotisseries to get the flavors they want from their outdoor oasis. Accessories such as a griddle for everything from pancakes to fried rice are also expanding how much can be cooked outside.

It’s important to design a kitchen that works well for your lifestyle and cooking preferences.  Homeowners are embracing outdoor living by building outdoor kitchens that are extension of their well-designed indoor kitchen.

When designing an outdoor kitchen or an indoor kitchen, the same questions apply: 

Be realistic when planning your budget. Appliances & materials will be the major cost of the outdoor kitchen. The average outdoor kitchen setup ranges from $6,000 for a simple cooking area on an existing patio to as high as $25,000 for a custom design. Don’t skimp on items like a sink or outdoor refrigerator to save money.  These are important and if you don’t include them, you will wish you had.

If entertaining is important, provide adequate prep space and seating. Don’t forget proper lighting and enough outlets for the kitchen and seating areas.

Working with a designer who has experience with outdoor kitchen projects is recommended.