My guest today is Annette Kenner, owner awarding designer and principal of Donna Decker Designs in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She has years of experience working in homes around the country.  Annette is going to talk about living room ideas and how you can make your living room look like it was professionally done.  

Many of these questions have been asked by many of my clients, so I thought I would get Annette’s solutions to these design dilemmas. 

Here are some of the questions Annette answers during our conversation:

  • How do you decide where the focal point is?
  • If room has fireplace and a TV how do you arrange the furniture?
  • Should door & window trim and baseboards be painted to match walls
  • Should ceiling always be white?
  • Should walls match the colors in artwork
  • How big should the coffee table be in front of a 7’ couch?
  • How much space between couch and coffee table?
  • Do you use Lots of pillows on couches?
  • Should every seating area be accessible to a table?


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