The Colors of Cloe Ceramic Tile

No piece is exactly alike and varies in shade and undulation from tile to tile, creating a very organic and natural design. Offered in a kaleidoscope of colors from white, grey and beige to pink, blue, green and black, Cloe can be a crown jewel in your home designs.

Wall of White Cloe 2.5″x9″ in White | Designer: Chris Loves Julia

Wintery White

The White option is by far the most popular as it blends in well with most countertops, cabinetry, floors and coordinating decor. It creates a feel that looks almost like natural stone with piece with its own personality.

Stately Grey Tub Enclosure Cloe 2.5″x9″ in Grey | Designer: Sita Montgomery Interiors

Sophisticated Grey

Grey evokes a sophisticated ambiance. Cloe in Grey is defined by its subtle changes in tone and comes alive with light reflection creating a posh atmosphere.

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