Nancys avatarNo, I didn’t go to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Vegas last week, but I heard about some of the fun items that might be hitting the market one of these years. Audi presented a smartwatch app that can signal your car to drive itself out of your garage and come pick you up. If it can go to the gas station and car wash by itself, than I want one.

Oral-B showed a Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush which syncs up with a smartwatch app in an effort to help consumers brush better. Are they kidding me? Isn’t that like living with your mother again?

Then there’s the Belty which continuously checks the size of your waist line — and then adjusts your belt accordingly. The belt keeps an eye on your belly and watches it, supposedly as a measure of your general fitness. It’s like having your own personal Jenny Craig, or worse!

Dacor’s ovens already had embedded tablets and wifi for remote control — now they can be controlled by voice. The ovens hook up to an app that can work on any smartphone or tablet. The app can be instructed through either voice or touch to turn the oven on or off, change settings or set timers. Of course, as a Kitchen Designer, this one definitely interested me.

The Wi-Fi Coffee Machine will brew coffee that you can request remotely from your smartphone. While timed coffee machines are already around, the new one offers you the chance to control your brew from afar — including alerts for the fact that it’s finished, when it needs to be refilled, and to ask whether you want a fresh pot brewing when you arrive home.

Coincidently, this morning I made a pot of coffee, which I do every morning, and found that my Cuisinart had died. It’s difficult to start the day, knowing that I had lots of work to do, with no coffee. How difficult would it be to have a computer, coffee pot, or even a car let me know BEFORE it dies, rather than be stuck without one and have to scramble to replace it. This would be my idea of great technology!