We have been overdosed by Ms. Jenner, and I can’t take it anymore. The Olympic Gold Medal winner didn’t have this much media coverage when he stood on the podium at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal to receive the top award in the men’s decathlon event.

Let me make it perfectly clear! I applaud this person for following the path that makes the most sense to live a happy and fulfilling life. Whether it means coming out of the closet, the operating room or the shrink’s office, if it works for that person, I am all for it.

What I can’t believe is the constant attention which includes stories on every media platform, photo shoots in over-the-top clothes in seductive poses, a cover story on Vanity Fair, a contract for her own TV series focusing on the transformation, contracts to be the spokesperson for cosmetic companies, etc. The list goes on and on and on. None of these opportunities were offered to others in this situation.

This male is not the first to transgender nor will she be the last to become a female, so why the big hoopla? Guaranteed, this has smacks of the Kardashian clan, and the billions they have accumulated because the public wants to know every pimple they pop and hair they comb.
When I wrote about Bruce Jenner a few months ago, I wondered if his new name would start with K as seemed typical of the Kardashians. She announced her new name as Caitlyn, saying that she specifically didn’t want the name to start with a K. Who’s the stupid one here? C and K have the same sound, so who is she kidding? 

I also mentioned in my story that he should stay away from the ugly fashions by West, his son-in-law. She listened to me on that one, but now has Kim picking out her clothes. From what I have seen, that is not a great decision. Next Kim will be convincing her step-mom to enhance her derriere, so they call all look the same from the rear.

As a side note, I found it difficult to use the proper pronouns in this soapbox. He, she, her, his . . . O my God, it’s too confusing.