Have you ever wondered who prints those beautiful scenes on buses and trains?  Who prints those huge signs at arenas? Nancy’s guest is Lisa Perkins, Art Consultant & Sales Representative with Image Craft and Viapagi, who does it all.  Image Craft has large format printing capabilities, and in-house services to make your project turnkey. They have award winning designs to bring your inspiration to reality. They will print banners, wrap fleets, fine art reproduction, and have the latest fabric prints.

Viapagi is a separate division open to the trade.  Lisa explains how this division of the company started and what their expertise is.  They offer high quality prints on various substrates, embellishments, giclee and framing. Lisa along with your designer will create the perfect artwork for your home. Listen to this podcast to learn more about art and how you can complete your home they way you want.

This podcast sponsored by Premier Lighting
July 3, 2020

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